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How to clean ink stain from your sofa

How to clean ink stain from your sofa

Getting rid of ink stain from your sofa -: 

Getting rid of Ink’s stain from your sofa? A blot or a small spot can degrade now not simplest the look of the couch but the complete ambiance of the residence.  A couch is the masterpiece of your living room indoors. retaining it smooth and flawless is essential. but, unintentional spills are regular and this can depart stains. Out of all spills, ink can depart the maximum cussed stains to your couch. regularly expert upholstery cleaning is needed to eliminate ink pen stains. but, if you act fast, you can eliminate the ink stains. 


This weblog shares a few effective hacks for sofa cleaning that will eliminate ink stains properly. 

following are the details about getting rid of ink stain from your sofa-: 

Lemon Juice and Salt 

This technique of sofa cleansing is ideal for material or leather-based couches. 

objects required: 

sparkling lemon juice of 1 medium-sized lemon 

a little bit of salt 

soft scrub brush 

The sofa cleaning hack for ink pen stain elimination: Pour the sparkling lemon juice into the stained vicinity. 

dust some salt on that. Take a tender scrub brush and lightly rub the stained vicinity for two to 3 mins. make certain you do not rub the area. 

Now, permit it to sit down for twenty minutes and work on breaking and disposing of the stains. 

The closing step of this technique of sofa cleaning  is rinsing the vicinity with water and let it dry. 


Liquid Dish cleaning soap:

gadgets required: 

Liquid dish cleaning soap 

warm water 

a twig bottle 

A tender bristle toothbrush 

The couch cleaning hack for ink pen stains removal: Make soapy water via mixing liquid dish soap in heat water. Pour it into the spray bottle and shake it properly. Spray this liquid made for couch cleaning for the ink stains. 

Take a gentle bristle toothbrush and lightly scrub the stained vicinity in your sofa for some minutes. 

allow it to sit down for 1/2 an hour and then rinse the couch with smooth water. 


White Vinegar 
it’s miles perfect for cloth Sofa cleaning. it could correctly do away with the stains. 

items required: 

White vinegar 



smooth fabric 

Paper towels 


The couch cleaning hack for ink stain elimination: mix the same amount of white vinegar and detergent in water to make a thick paste for Sofa cleaning. follow this paste at the affected area of your couch to eliminate ink pen stains. 

Take an easy fabric and damp it in clean water. Dab the stained place at the couch with this damped fabric in a circular manner. 

let it sit down for half of an hour and paintings at the ink pen stains. 

Take a clean fabric and damp it in water and wipe off the paste from the sofa. preserve repeating this step of couch cleaning until the cloth begins popping out smooth. 

Take a few paper towels and dab the region that has the paste. Dabbing is to soak excess water. 

permit it to dry absolutely before use. 


it’s far beneficial to carry out a gap check earlier than clearly applying any hack of sofa cleaning to make certain it is safe to your couch. If these techniques fail to get rid of the stain, then call the experts at SKKS.

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